Just A Little Bit About Us.

Sweet Root Village-97Sweet Root Village was started and is co-owned by these two. Lauren and Rachel (photographed by Rachel Lyn, hair and makeup by Makeup by Ana B). They met, became fast friends, drank some wine one night, and decided to start a business not quite knowing what was in store for them but jumping in to the thick of it anyways. They are ladies with a passion for life and people. A pie chart would show us as mostly goof and fun with equal parts organization, creativity, and a keen sense of problem solving. We thrive in the chaotic days and relish the sweet, quiet moments of life.

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Lauren loves olives, vintage glassware, and math. You will find her knee deep in spreadsheets and finances to unwind from a stressful day. She is the ultimate problem solver and can always seem to make a near impossible situation not quite so impossible. She has rocking style, can efficiently pack a car like none other, and does not sleep enough. Her favorite flower is a daffodil, she scores the most amazing vintage pieces when thrifting, and she loves pouring milk over her ice cream. Her real life consists of marriage to a man fondly known as @kirkwhodoesnthaveaninstagram with a little baby boy Walter and a stubborn fox hound named Lou in their DC home. (photographed by Rachel Lynhair and makeup by Makeup by Ana B)

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Rachel loves laughing, organizing, and cloth napkins. You will find her eating frozen grapes while browsing pinterest to unwind from a stressful day. She tends to obsess over the smaller details and thrives in the presence of other people. She blogs all the things, wishes she had an endless budget for endless gatherings all the time, and does not sleep enough. Her favorite flower is usually a ranunculus, she ends too many email sentences in exclamation points, and she loves coffee ice cream with root beer (photographed by Rachel Lynhair and makeup by Makeup by Ana B). Her real life consists of marriage to an Italian man @hopskotchradio with their little ones #miaroseypants and #judebaer in a townhouse in the Virginia suburbs.

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Rachele loves whales, corgis, and denim. She is a rockstar in all things and a super spirit-lifter who joined Sweet Root early 2014. We literally have no idea how we are so lucky to have her as part of our team! She works really hard in the studio and at weddings, always with a hand in everything. She has become such a wonderful designer. Her favorite flower is a tulip, she has a pretty gnarly round house kick, and she prefers ice cream loaded with chocolate anything. (photographed by Rachel Lynhair and makeup by Makeup by Ana B). Her real life consists of marriage to a nerdy ginger in a sweet DC home just a few blocks from Lauren with their crazy kitty Chi Chi and dopey pup Skwert dog.

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Joy loves 80s dance parties, peppermint flavored everything, and chubby fat babies. She is the kindest and most supportive of souls, always seeking to ease the burdens of those around her and to make everyone a wee bit happier. She joined Sweet Root early 2015! She is a powerhouse in the studio, super detail oriented, and a fabulous budding designer. Her favorite flower is queen anne’s lace, she likes when her kombucha doesn’t explode on her, and she prefers mint chocolate chip ice cream – the green kind. Never white. That’s sacrilege. (photographed by Rachel Lynhair and makeup by Makeup by Ana B). Her real life consists of marriage to pistol pete, with their newest tiniest little baby Oliver, and a sweet pup Henry, with an array of happy house plants in a beautiful home also in the Virginia suburbs a few blocks from Rachel.

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We have a sweet production warehouse in Alexandria, Virginia. It constantly fluctuates between tidy and disastrously messy depending on what sort of projects and weddings we are working on. We love hosting gatherings and shoots here and love having a bunch of other small business owners in the building to share our days with. Shoot us an email at thevillage@sweetrootvillage.com and come grab some coffee with us!

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